How long to process my order ?

Between 2 to 5 days.

What is the shipping time ?

Around 2 to 6 weeks in normal time and depending of your country (business time).

Where are you based on ?

We are based in France and Hong Kong, our website belongs to the registered company Pifugroup Limited since 2016 and we ship from China.

How can i track my parcel ?

After your purchase, you will receive your tracking number which can be tracked on www.17track.net.

I didn't receive my parcel. 

If you didn't receive your parcel after 60 business days, we guarantee to send you the same product or we refund you. The tracking number acts as proof.

I have missing parts or the product is damaged.

We will send you back the product again after showing us pictures of the missing part or damaged product.

Do I have to pay taxes ?

Our products are priced as excluding VAT. Most of the time taxes are not applied but you need to check with your local regulations for further information.


The products have small parts which are not suitable for kids under 6 years old.